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Pedro Castro Senior editor

Internet Download Manager can help you accelerate your downloads. It works by creating various threats so that multiple sections (up to 16) of the same file can be downloaded at the same time. In addition, it lets you pause and resume your downloads, an action that is not always available from regular procedures.
The application features an intuitive interface, in which several categories arranged in a tree-like fashion. Moreover, various skins are downloadable to adapt the program’s appearance to your liking.

Fortunately, this download manager integrates with most popular browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape and Chrome. Therefore, you will be prompted when downloadable contents are available from a given web page so that the corresponding download tasks are created. Several types of contents are supported. Thus, besides regular binary data, the program can successfully strip video URLs to download clips from web sites. It integrates with not only browsers but antivirus clients as well. Thus, all potentially dangerous downloads will be scanned before they are executed on your machine.

The program also includes a tool, called Site Grabber, which can download a complete site. This works as a spider following links to the specified levels and even contents from external sites can be downloaded as well. The downloaded sites will then be available for offline browsing. Another feature lets you schedule download hours so that the program can automatically start or pause downloads to make an efficient use of the available bandwidth.

All in all, Internet Download Manager is one of the best applications of its kind. The opinions of several users as well as multiple online reviews support that judgment. You might probably want to convert the downloaded video to other formats, but, unfortunately, this application does not provide this feature. Another drawback is that it does not support torrent downloads.


  • It is easy to use.
  • It integrates with browsers.
  • It integrates with antivirus clients.
  • It supports downloading complete websites.
  • It downloads very fast.
  • It supports pausing and resuming downloads.


  • It does not support torrent downloads.
  • It does not have a built-in video converter.

Latest comments

  All comments (199)
  • 0
    Guest Yesterday, 1:32 PM
    Pros: TOP RATED.IDMan

    Never seen such a soft ware 1- Easy to handle .
    2- the designer seems to completlly cover -up,all-
    lack of unabilty of IDMan between all compareable,
    It is so far ,great to work & deal with.
    Thanks to the team of designer of the version{6.2}.
    fr;Hermit.hft/one of an old users of this version.

  • 4
    joel mootian 28 days ago

    Very useful and quick installation.

  • 8
    Guest 2 months ago

    It is very good for downloading anything.

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